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Accessing your FPC Information

The purpose of this page is to teach members about the electronic tools, resources and information available to them. The page is broken into two sections: First Presbyterian Church (FPC) Web Site and Members Electronic Access to Relevant Information.

The best way to approach learning about the FPC electronic world is to do the activities outlined below. Only do those that are new to you or you have little experience with. For example, if you already use the web site, there is no need to do any of the activities outlined in the web site section.

First Presbyterian Church (FPC) Web Site

The FPC web site purpose is to provide the public and church members with information that provides a sense of who we are, our history, what we do, and current and future church events. We have created two overview videos to provide a quick and more detail overview of the FPC web site:

  1. Quick overview (4 mins), click here.
  2. Detail overview (20 mins), click here.

Members Electronic Access to Relevant Information

There are two ways for members to access their information: through the FPC web site or from a smart phone application, called Church Life. Both require the same login credentials (email address and password). Thus, we will start with getting your login credentials.

Login Credentials

Most members have a login user id and password but many of them do not know it. If you have filled out a Ways to Serve form in the last two years, you will have a login. If you have never logged in to see your information, do the following to make sure you have a good login:

  1. Before we make sure you have a good login, watch this short video that overviews the systems you are logging into and the login process, click here (2 mins).
  2.  Contact Jennifer in Church Office and she will send you a password that you can use to log in.  After getting information back from Jennifer, try logging in using the directions in the video you watch in 1 and login using your email address and the password Jennifer sent you.  If your login does not work, contact Jennifer at 706-543-4338 x211. She will help you get your login to work.  When you successfully log in, you will be asked to change the password Jennifer sent you to a password you prefer.
  3. Congratulations you now have a good login!

Accessing Member Information via your computer or mobile/smart phone browser

As we pointed out above, you have two ways to access member information: computer/mobile or Church Life app on your smart phone.  There are major differences in what you can access and do using these approaches.  They are outlined in the table below:

InformationWhat you can access from computer/mobile browserUpdate this informationWhat you can access from Church Life AppUpdate this information
Personal Most of your personal informaitonYes, you can update most of the informationLimited subset: Name, email, address, phone numberYes, this limited set
GivingCurrent and History Dollars Given and Pledged NoHas no informationNo
GiveSpecify amount and other giving informationYes, this is an updateSpecify amount and other giving informationYes, this is an update
Additional Church Calendar
Ways to serve activities
Groups you are in
Events registered for
Yes, Ways to Serve and GroupsChurch Calendar
Events you are registered for
Other MembersLimited subset: Name, email, address, phone number
Send an email to member
View and Print Church Directories
No Limited subset: Name, email, address, phone number
you can email, text or call member

Clicking on the “Member Login” on the top of any browser web page on the FPC web site takes you to Access ACS software-database which provides you access to your relevant member and Church information outlined in the above table in columns 2 and 3.  Do the following:

  1. Click here for a video that provides a guided tour of how to access the information outlined above from your computer/mobile browser (18 mins).
  2. Explore accessing this information by doing following tasks:
    • Check your personal information and see if you want to update any of it.
    • Check your giving history to see how much money you have to give this year to meet your pledge.
    • Check to make sure your Ways to Serve commitments are correct for this year.
    • Find Bob Bostrom’s phone number and email address.

Accessing Member Information from the Church Life smart phone application

The Church Life smart phone application is a very useful app that provides access to a subset of information in Access ACS: see columns 4 and 5 in the table above.  Before you can use Church Life you must  download the free app.  If you need instructions on how to download, below you will find links to videos that outline how to download Church Life app on your Apple or Android phone.

  1. Android: Click Here (1.5 mins)
  2. Apple iphoneClick Here (1.5 mins)
  3. Blackberry and other mobile devices can enter www.churchlife.mobi from any mobile browser. It would be better to just log into Access ACS with your mobile browser as we outline in the previous section. Logging in through the browser gives you access to more information.

You can now login to the Church Life app using your email and password. After you enter them the first time the app will remember them unless you have to reboot your smartphone (you have to reenter them after a reboot sometimes). The first time you log into the system it might asked for FPC site number; you would enter 90041. Do the following:

  1. Watch a short video giving you a tour of what you can do on the Church Life app, click here (8 mins).
  2. Explore the Church Life app on your own by doing at least the following tasks:
    • Find Nancy Bostrom’s phone number, email address and age
    • Send your cell phone a text
    • Find out what is going on at church on this coming Sunday
  3. Click here (1 min) to hear how staff and members at Sugar Grove Church of Christ in Meadows Place, TX use the Church Life app to quickly and conveniently look up important information on the go. Their usage pattern is very similar to what is happening in our church.

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