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Sunday School Classes Birth – Grade 5

Children’s Sunday Morning Music – Teacher: Garland Ryder

Infants • Nursery Infant Room – Room Lead: Rita Raines

Toddlers & Preschoolers • Nursery Playroom – Nursery Coordinator: Wendi Finch
Our toddler and preschool curriculum is Group Publishing’s Play-n-Worship. It is filled with music, fun activities, and storyboards that encourages little ones to interact with Bible stories.

4 Year Olds & Kindergarten • Room 127 – Teachers: Jennifer Castleman, Karen Cobb, Mary Smith, Dan Trier
1st Grade & 2nd Grade • Room 126 – Teachers: Jennifer Abbott, Madie Fischetti, Matt Jones, Don DeMaria
Our 4 Year-Olds through 2nd Graders will be using Spark Lectionary Curriculum. Each Sunday, our children will explore their Bibles, enjoy fun activities, sing, pray, and grow in faith together.

3rd Grade & 4th Grade • Room 125
5th Grade • Room 124 – Teachers: Natalie Bishop, Jody Corry, Greta Covington, Susan Ferguson, Denise Laboon
Godly Play Curriculum is our Sunday School curriculum for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders. Godly Play encourages children to explore their faith through story, helps them gain religious language, and grows their spiritual experience though wonder and play.