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Congregational Inreach

This is a very caring church.  We care not only for people beyond our congregation but for our own members.  There are multiple organized ways that we respond compassionately to needs (in addition to the myriad acts of kindness and encouragement that happen spontaneously):


Scribes hard at work

  • Response Teams prepare and deliver meals to families after the death of a member, birth of a child, or other special need
  • The Correspondence Team and Scribes send cards of encouragement, celebration, and thanks
  • Prayer Chain members pray personally for people who request prayers
  • Prayers for Healing meets every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Members and friends gather in the sanctuary to pray for needs in the congregation and beyond
  • Lay Callers are trained laypersons who visit members in the hospital and senior living facilities
flower photo

Flower Ministry Volunteers

  • Flower Ministry volunteers rearrange flowers from the Sunday service into smaller bouquets and deliver them to those not able to attend church
  • Our Senior Adult Ministry honors our older adults with special events throughout the year
  • Our Parish Nurse promotes health and wholeness among our congregation

Contact Carol Strickland via email or phone for more information.

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