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Honduras Mission Blessings


Hard. Heartwrenching. Happy. Humbling. Hot. Those are a few words which describe the recent Honduras mission trip. Our church sent fifteen people to a small village named La Paz in the Northeastern part of the country March 5-12, 2016.

We worked alongside the villagers installing eight concrete floors over previously dirt floors, four latrines, and three water reservoirs, mixing multiple batches of concrete by hand and toting it by the bucketful. Our group also installed two eco-stoves, planted two dozen fruit trees, painted a mural in a school room, and led about 80 children in a community trash pick-up and three days of Vacation Bible School. The experience was a blessing for all — both the Hondurans and our mission trip participants. DSC_5954

Tommy Jackson led the group which was comprised of Ron Balthazor, Wanda Barlow, Paul Duncan, Bob Glasscock, Emma Holman, Dan Horton, Denise Horton, Jane Hudson, Sydney Jackson, Paige Oelke, Xan Palmer, Harry Shuford, Carol Strickland, and Sally Vandiver. Many thanks to all who bought stock, offered prayers, and offered letters of support. We look forward to hosting a dinner for stockholders and those who wish to hear more about our mission trip on Sunday, April 17, at 6:00 p.m.

This trip was organized under the auspices of HOI, a spiritual based mission organization that has been working with the people of Honduras since 1989. HOI’s primary base in Honduras is Rancho el Pariaso in the Agalta Valley in the northeastern section of the country. Mission volunteers work in villages within an hour radius of the ranch.

The HOI model is based on a healthy partnership between communities and HOI staff and volunteers. Instead of fostering dependency, the objective is to empower the people by focusing on their strengths and abilities. HOI prioritizes protecting the dignity of these communities and volunteers work with rather than for them. For this reason, they require that local residents make an investment of time and labor. Whether it is digging a hole for a latrine in anticipation of a service team or preparing soil before receiving agricultural training, residents take ownership of their own communities through their work in conjunction with HOI.

Carol Strickland, Associate Pastor

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