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The Wedding Minister

View More: http://saraheubanksphotography.pass.us/kellyandryanCongratulations on your wedding date.  Contacting the church for a date and pastor is an important first step.

A Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister will participate in all weddings at First Presbyterian Church. The ordained ministers associated with First Presbyterian Church perform weddings and conduct premarital counseling. We encourage you to consult with them and depend on their expertise as you plan your wedding, which the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) considers a service of worship.

You may select from the current First Presbyterian ministers as mutual scheduling permits. If you desire to have a Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister who is not on staff at First Presbyterian Church or a minister from another denomination (who may be a relative or a friend) assist in your wedding, please contact the Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church. After counseling with you, and with mutual consent, the Head of Staff will invite the visiting minister to participate in and/or conduct your wedding.

Three premarital counseling sessions with the bride and groom will be scheduled with the presiding minister several months before the wedding. Individual pastors may have additional requirements. If adhering to our premarital counseling requirements is not possible because of distance or other difficulties, you may speak to the Head of Staff of First Presbyterian Church about other arrangements. Guest ministers officiating at weddings are expected to honor the policies of First Presbyterian Church regarding the wedding service and premarital counseling.

Please see that the entire wedding party arrives promptly at the appointed time for the rehearsal. All members of the wedding party, including ushers and parents of the couple, are urged to be present. Prior to the rehearsal decide which groomsmen or ushers will escort the mothers and grandmothers to their seats. The groom should direct his ushers to be in place in the Narthex no later than 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the wedding. Please arrange for the wedding license to be brought to the rehearsal and given to the officiating minister. Please inform your participants and guests that no alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are permitted on the premises. Be sure to refer to the checklist on the last page of this booklet and complete all items.

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