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April 22, 2018 PNC Update

The Pastor Nominating Committee appreciates the opportunity to briefly share where we are in the process of our search for a Senior Pastor.

To date, we have reviewed over 145 applicants for the Senior Pastor position. As we mentioned in an earlier update, those applications have come from multiple sources:

* PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection

* Self -Referrals (pastors who hear about our opening and apply directly to our committee)

* Members of the congregation who have referred someone to us that they think should be considered as a candidate

* Our committee has also met with and spoken to multiple PC(USA) ministers to let them know about our open position. They each have served as an excellent networking resource for our committee and led us to multiple candidates for our committee to research and reach out to.

We have been closely evaluating qualified candidates from these sources that we feel warrant further consideration as a finalist for the Senior Pastor position. In addition, we have also begun interviews with some of these candidates.

We are ready, willing, and able to answer your questions at any time about where we are in the process, so feel free to reach out to our committee if you have questions for us.

Finally, we ask for your prayers to continue to help guide us in our deliberations and discernment.

Thank you,
Stephen Covington

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