…sharing the love of Christ with Athens and the world!

A Message from Chuck Toney

It is my honor to serve as chair of the Stewardship Committee this year with my friends Kitty Donnan, Jim Dove, Carol McKay, Keith Oelke, Leslye Queen and Georgia Blue Simmons. And we have the skilled assistance of Carol Strickland and Roger Burbage from our staff.

Most of my career has been spent in public relations and communications. I tell my clients that you have to know what you are before you can communicate what you are. You have to define your mission and purpose before you can move forward.

The good news for us is we know what our mission is: it’s right here on the front of the bulletin every week.

In response to God’s grace, the mission of First Presbyterian Church is to create a community where people seek the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, rejoice in worship, and go forth sharing the love of Christ with Athens and the world! That is what our gifts support. That is what we are about at First Presbyterian Church of Athens – sharing the love of Christ with Athens and the world.

We have focused this summer on the theme of “rooted and reaching” in this time of transition in our church. Our Stewardship campaign will build on that theme this fall with home stewardship gatherings during the month of October.

You will be receiving an invitation from one of two dozen gracious and generous members of our congregation who have agreed to host one of these gatherings. In doing so they stand in a long line of people who have practiced the gift of hospitality – a gift that was prevalent in the life of our Savior.  To my knowledge, Christ never had a permanent home once he began his ministry, he relied on the hospitality of friends and strangers.

You will join a dozen or so members of the congregation for light refreshments and conversation. Bruce Lancaster, our interim pastor, has committed to attending as many of them as possible. You will hear a brief message about the Stewardship Campaign, the church’s financial needs and some exciting ministry opportunities.

Here are some important dates to note:

  • Month of October – Stewardship Home Gatherings
  • October 29 – Pledge packets will be mailed
  • November 6 – Commitment Sunday
  • November 13 – Thanksgiving Food Sunday

This is a time of reflection and commitment. Our mission is clear. Abounding with thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to return a portion of what we have been given to advance the kingdom of God on Earth.

Think about this. Pray about this. Prepare your heart and your mind for the joyful act of giving.

Peace be with you all,

Chuck Toney, Stewardship Committee Chair

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