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Accessing your FPC Information

The purpose of this section is to teach members about the electronic tools, resources and information available to them. The page is broken into five sub-sections: First Presbyterian Church (FPC) Web Site, Login Credentials, Members Electronic Access to Relevant Information via computer and phone and Managing your Ways-To-Serve commitments.

There are two ways for members to access their Church related information (contributions, way-to-serve commitments, etc.): through the FPC web site or from a smart phone application, called Church Life. Both require the same login credentials (email address and password).

The best way to approach learning about the FPC electronic world is to do the activities outlined in the sections below. Only do those that are new to you or you have little experience with. For example, if you already use the web site, there is no need to do any of the activities outlined on the web site page.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Jennifer in the Church Office here or 706-543-4338(x 211)