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Accessing Member Information via your computer or mobile/smart phone browser

As we pointed out earlier, you have two ways to access member information: a computer browser or Church Life app on your smart phone.  There are major differences in what you can access and do using these approaches.  They are outlined in the table below:

InformationWhat you can access from computer/mobile browserUpdate this information through browser? What you can access from Church Life AppUpdate this information through Church Life?
Personal Most of your personal informaitonYes, you can update most of the informationLimited subset: Name, email, address, phone numberYes, this limited set
GivingCurrent and History Dollars Given and Pledged NoHas no informationNo
GiveSpecify amount and other giving informationYes, this is an updateSpecify amount and other giving informationYes, this is an update
Additional Church Calendar
Ways to serve activities
Groups you are in
Events registered for
Yes, Ways to Serve and GroupsChurch Calendar
Events you are registered for
Other MembersLimited subset: Name, email, address, phone number
Send an email to member
View and Print Church Directories
No Limited subset: Name, email, address, phone number
you can email, text or call member

Clicking on the “Member Login” on the top of any browser web page on the FPC web site takes you to Access ACS software-database which provides you access to your relevant member and Church information outlined in the above table in columns 2 and 3.  Do the following:

  1. Click here for a video that provides a guided tour of how to access the information outlined above from your computer/mobile browser (18 mins).
  2. Explore accessing this information by doing following tasks:
    • Check your personal information and see if you want to update any of it.
    • Check your giving history to see how much money you have to give this year to meet your pledge.
    • Check to make sure your Ways to Serve commitments are correct for this year.
    • Find Bob Bostrom’s phone number and email address.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Jennifer in the Church Office here or 706-543-4338(x 211)