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Login Credentials

There are two ways for members to access their Church related information (contributions, way-to-serve commitments, etc.): through the FPC web site or from a smart phone application, called Church Life. Both require the same login credentials (email address and password). Thus, we will start with getting your login credentials.

Most members have a login user id and password but many of them do not know it. If you have filled out a Ways to Serve form in the last two years, you will have a login. If you have never logged in to see your member information, do the following to make sure you have a good login:

  1. Before we make sure you have a good login, watch this short video that overviews the systems you are logging into and the login process, click here (2 mins).
  2.  Contact Jennifer in the Church Office and she will send you a password that you can use to log in.  After getting information back from Jennifer, try logging in using the directions in the video you watch in step 1 and login using your email address and the password Jennifer sent you.  If your login does not work, contact Jennifer at 706-543-4338 x211. She will help you get your login to work.  When you successfully log in, you will be asked to change the password Jennifer sent you to a password you prefer.
  3. Congratulations you now have a good login!