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Copies of most sermons over the past several months may be downloaded freely from this site. Click on a sermon below to download the desired PDF file. You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader (free) to read them (please scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to download this software). To listen from a selection of our sermons, please click on the audio icon to the right of the sermon. You will need a program that plays mp3s to listen to these files. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to download iTunes (free). For a copy of an earlier sermon on CD, please contact Jennifer Sunderlin.

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DateSermon TitleChurch BulletinSpeakerAudio
3/17/19"The Most Honest Prayer"Sunday BulletinDr. Ryan Baeraudio16
3/10/19"Turning Aside to See"Sunday BulletinDr. Ryan Baeraudio16
3/6/19"Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down"Ash Wed. BulletinDr. Ryan Baer
3/3/19"Positive Identification"Sunday BulletinDr. Ryan Baeraudio16
2/24/19"Management 101"Sunday BulletinDr. Ryan Baeraudio16
2/17/19"Beginning at the Beginning"Sunday BulletinDr. Ryan Baeraudio16
2/10/19"Pass It On"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
2/3/19“Welcome to the Table"Sunday BulletinYouth Sundayaudio16
1/27/19“Enjoy The Journey"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/20/19“The Word of the Lord Endures Forever"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/13/19“Taking a Personal Spiritual Checkup"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/6/19“A Church of All Doors"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/30/18“The Story in Song: Song of Simeon"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
Christmas Eve
“The Story in Song: Silent Night"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/23/18“The Story in Song: O, Little Town of Bethlehem"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/16/18A Festival of Lessons & CarolsSunday Bulletin
12/9/18“The Story in Song: Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/2/18 “The Story in Song: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
11/25/18 “Shopping for God’s Christmas Gift”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
11/18/18 “Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
11/11/18 “But Can God Trust in Us?”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
11/4/18 “A Churched Life”
Sunday BulletinThe Rev. Margaret Davisaudio16
10/28/18 “But Now I See”
Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
10/21/18 “Living the Dream”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
10/14/18“Finding God in Plan ‘B’”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
10/7/18“Here I am Lord”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
9/30/18“Curious George Meets Curious Zacchaeus”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
9/23/18“Joy In the World!”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
9/16/18“When You Hurt, But Can't Tell Anyone”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
9/9/18“The Hardest Job in Church”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
9/2/18“When You Get to the Top, What Does God See?”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
8/26/18“Fashion Tips from the Bible”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
8/19/18“A Friend of Jesus”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster audio16
8/12/18“If FPC Disappeared, Would Anybody Miss It?”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster
8/5/18Senior Adult Sunday: Sharing Stories of FaithSunday BulletinJohn Simpson, Ray Schofield, Diane Adamsaudio16
7/29/18“Once Upon A Time: Jonah”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
7/22/18“Once Upon A Time: Hosea”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
7/15/18“Once Upon A Time: Amos”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
7/8/18“The Old Testament in Twenty Minutes”
Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
7/1/18“Uncommon Decency”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/24/18“Psalm 23: Your Life and God’s Certainty”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/17/18“Psalm 23: Your Comfort and God’s Protection”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/10/18“Psalm 23: Your Way and God’s Leadership”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/3/18“Psalm 23: Your Needs and God’s Provision”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/27/18“The Healing Power of a Touch”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/20/18“The Odd Broad Church”
Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
5/13/18“Home: Where Life Makes Up Its Mind”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/6/18“Believing the Future”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
4/29/18“Blessed be the Peacemakers”
Sunday BulletinHollins Cobb, Emily LaBoon, Erin Osborneaudio16
4/22/18“Did God Really Promise Never to Give You More Than You Can Bear?”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
4/15/18“Still Wondering”
Sunday BulletinMr. Issac Toneyaudio16
4/8/18“Thoughts on the Back Nine of Life”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster
4/1/18“The Day God Said ‘Yes’!”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/25/18“The Donkey-Riding King”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/18/18“Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Feast”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/11/18“Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Embrace”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/4/18“Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Rest”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
2/25/18“Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Cease”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
2/20/18Catherine “Kate” Taylor Jones Memorial Service, "Three Good Things"

BulletinDr. Carol Strickland audio16
2/18/18“Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Origins”
Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Strickland audio16
2/11/18“Why Not ‘He Descended Into Hell’?”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
2/4/18“My Thoughts When I Serve Communion”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/28/18“By the Authority of…”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/21/18"The Prison of Want"
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/14/18Whose Life Is It?
Sunday BulletinThe Rev. Hilary Shufordaudio16
1/07/18"Start With the End in Mind"
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/31/17 “The Almost Forgotten Father”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
8:45 & 11:00 a.m.
“Christmas at the Movies: “It’s a Wonderful Life””

Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Strickland
6:00 & 8:00 p.m.
“Christmas at the Movies: Miracle on 34th Street”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/17/16 A Festival of Lessons & CarolsSunday Bulletin
12/10/17 “Christmas at the Movies: Elf”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/03/17 “Christmas at the Movies: A Christmas Carol”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/26/17 “Making Our Own Christmas Cards”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/19/17 “Athens Self Storage”Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
11/12/17 “Ten Maids Awaiting”Sunday BulletinDr. John Kippaudio16
11/05/17 “What Does Generosity Look Like”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/01/17 “Deep Calls to Deep”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/29/17 "Protestants: We Stand Alone Together”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/22/17 “A Fistful of Dollars: The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/15/17 “Saying Grace”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/08/17 “Where Is Your Brother?”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/01/17 “Dining at a Banquet of Consequences”Sunday Bulletin
Dr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/24/17 “A Sermon on the Amount”Sunday Bulletin
Dr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/17/17 “Alone in the Crowd ”Sunday Bulletin
Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
9/10/17 “Grace for a Squeezed Lemon”Sunday Bulletin
Dr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/3/17 “Who Packs Your Parachute?”Sunday Bulletin
Dr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
8/27/17 “If You Could Write Your Epitaph”Sunday Bulletin
Dr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
8/20/17 “They Say You Can’t Command People to Love”
Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
8/13/17“Keepers of the Unbroken Circle”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
8/6/17“Why Do We Pass the Buck?”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster
7/30/17“Acts of the Little-Known Disciples: (3) Mnason - Living Faith”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster
7/23/17“Acts of the Little-Known Disciples: (2) The Philippian Jailer - Doing Salvation”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
7/16/17“Acts of the Little-Known Disciples: (1) Matthias – Replacing Judas”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
7/9/17“Bear One Another’s Burdens”Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
7/2/17“Building the Web: God Works through the Connections We Make”Sunday BulletinMr. Isaac Toneyaudio16
6/25/17““A Trilogy of Prayer: The Adventure of Living Prayer””Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/18/17“Trilogy of Prayer: (2) Am I Listening to God?”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/11/17“Trilogy of Prayer: (1) God, Are You Listening?”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
6/4/17"Happy Birthday, Church!"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/28/17"Where Are Our Heroes?"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/21/17"You Know Your God Is Too Small If…”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/14/17"The Challenge of the First Mile”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
5/07/17"Such As These”Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
4/23/17"The Garden Tomb”Sunday BulletinDr. John Kippaudio16
4/16/17"Easter Eyes”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
4/14/17"The Fist of Rome and the Hand of God”Community Good Friday ServiceDr. Bruce Lancaster
4/9/17"Passion on Parade”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
4/2/17"God's Passions: Redemption”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/26/17"God's Passions: Hospitality”Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
3/19/17"God's Passions: Trust”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/12/17"God's Passions: Protection”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/5/17"God's Passion: Forgiveness”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
3/1/17"The Order of Disquieted Souls”Ash Wednesday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancaster
2/26/17"Is There a Place for Jesus in the Church?”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
2/19/17"Love Your Neighbor”Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
2/12/17"Three Degrees of Love”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
2/5/17“One Is the Onliest Number”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/29/17“No Parking”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/22/17“Follow Me”Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
1/15/17“Our World: Diverse or Divided?”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/8/17“Snipe Hunts and the Word Made Flesh”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
1/1/17“Wishes, Dreams, and Visions”Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/25/16"Christmas Gift"Dr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/24/16"A Gift is on the Way"Christmas Eve BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
12/18/16"A Festival of Lessons & Carols"Sunday Bulletin
12/11/16"St. Joseph: Waking Up to Grace"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
12/4/16"King David and the Divine Game of Thrones"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/27/16"Branches on the Jesse Tree"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/20/16"Thinking Thanks-filled Thoughts for a Thanks-giving Life"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/13/16"Are You Still Coming Over?"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
11/6/16"Rooted and Reaching: Abounding in Thanksgiving"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/30/16"Tree Man"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
10/23/16"Sacrifice"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/16/16"A Space into Which Belief Can Flood"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/9/16"The Violent Will Bear It Away"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
10/9/16"Rainy Weather"
AthHalf Pre-Race Service
AthHalf BulletinDr. Carol Strickland
10/2/16"Christian First, Presbyterian Second"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/25/16"If You Can't Sing It, You Don't Have to Believe It"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/18/16"Claim Your Mountain!"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/11/16"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"Sunday BulletinDr. Bruce Lancasteraudio16
9/4/16"The Lord's Prayer: 8. Thine Is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
8/28/16"If It Ain't Broke"Sunday BulletinDr. John Kippaudio16
8/21/16"The Lord's Prayer: 7. Deliver Us"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
8/14/16"Rejoice!?"Sunday BulletinThe Rev. Bob Googeaudio16
8/7/16"An Unexpected Hour"Sunday BulletinThe Rev. Andy Cookeaudio16
7/31/16"The Lord's Prayer: 6.Forgive Us Our Debts"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
7/24/16"The Lord's Prayer: 5. Give Us Daily Bread"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
7/17/16"The Lord's Prayer: 4. Thy Will Be Done"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
7/10/16"The Journey Ahead"Sunday BulletinThe Rev. Hilary Shufordaudio16
7/3/16"The Lord's Prayer: 3. Thy Kingdom Come"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
6/26/16"The Lord's Prayer: 2. Hallowed Be Thy Name...In Us"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
6/19/16"The Lord's Prayer: 1. Our Father"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
6/12/16"Reprise - Our Friends in the Balcony"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
6/5/16"The Race Is Not to the Swift"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/29/16"What Happens When We Die?"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/22/16"499 Years of the Church - Thank You Martin Luther"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/15/2016"The Early Days of the Church"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/8/2016"How to Talk to Your Wife"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/1/2016"Feed My Sheep"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Strickland audio16
4/24/2016"Youth Sunday”Sunday Bulletinaudio16
4/17/2016"Long Time John”Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
4/10/2016"A Faith that Will See You Through"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
4/3/2016"St. Thomas"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
3/27/2016"If I Only Had One Sermon to Preach"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/20/2016"After the Parade is Over"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/13/2016"When We are the Elder Child"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/6/2016When We are the Prodigal Child"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
2/28/2016"Hungry?"Sunday BulletinDr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
2/21/2016"When We Need to Repent"Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
2/14/2016"When Life Presses in on Us""Sunday BulletinDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
2/7/2016"About Face"Sunday BulletinReverend Andy Cookeaudio16
1/31/2016"A More Excellent Way"Carol Stricklandaudio16
1/24/2016"Jesus and the Hometown Folk"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
1/17/2016"Do Something About It Today"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
1/10/2016"I Have Called You by Name... And You Are Mine"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
1/3/2016"The Gifts of the Magi"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
12/27/2015"The Treeless Christmas of 1939"Dr. Carol Strickland audio16
12/24/2015"Have you ever been to Bethlehem?"Dr. Glenn Doak
12/13/2015"O Wisdom"Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
12/6/2015"O Flower of Jesse's Stem"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
11/29/2015"The Great O Antiphons: O Emmanuel"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
11/22/2015"Thanksgiving Blessing: Come Before Winter"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
11/15/2015"Stranger Love"Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
11/8/2015"Give 'Til It Helps"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
11/1/2015“A New World Is on the Way”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
10/18/2015 “Who Wants to be First”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
10/11/2015 “Our Greatest Need”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
10/4/2015“The God of All the World”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
9/27/2015"Once Upon A Time"Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
9/20/2015"Where You Don't Wish to Go" Dr. John Kippaudio16
9/13/2015"Christ Will See You Through"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
9/6/2015“Detours on the Journey of Faith”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
8/30/2015"A Love Song"Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
8/23/2015"Cure for Indifference"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
8/16/2015"A Few Words about Prayer"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
8/9/2015"A Home and a Horizon" Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
8/2/2015"A Cure for Doubt"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
7/26/2015"Do Miracles Require Faith?"Dr. John Kippaudio16
7/19/2015"From 'If' to 'Nevertheless'” 
Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
7/12/2015"For God So Loved The World"Bob Googeaudio16
7/5/2015"Praying the Psalms: Lifting our Eyes"Hilary Shufordaudio16
6/28/2015"Cure for Depression"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
6/21/2015"A Few Words about Being a Father"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
6/14/2015 “Cure for Fear”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
6/7/2015"Cure for Worry"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/31/2015"Breathing in the Spirit"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/17/2015"Transition in Leadership"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
5/10/2015"Shiprah and Puah"Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
5/3/2015Scottish Reformation Sunday
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
4/26/2015"Other Sheep"
Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
4/19/2015"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
4/12/2015Youth SundayAddie Downsaudio16
4/5/2015Easter SundayDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/29/2015Palm SundayDr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/22/2015"Love: The Greatest Love Story for All of Us"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/15/2015"Transitions: Life is Goodbye; Life is Hello"Dr. Carol Stricklandaudio16
3/8/2015"Four Glimpses Into the Life of Jesus: 3. Identity"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
3/1/2015"Four Glimpses Into the Life of Jesus: 2. Purpose"Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
2/22/2015“Baptism: When We Hear the Voice of God”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
2/15/2015“Following God to an Unnamed Place”
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
1/25/2015“Looking for a More Convenient Season”Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
1/18/2015“Where Shall I Go Next?”
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16
1/11/2015“What About Those Ordination Questions?"
Dr. Glenn Doakaudio16

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