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December 10, 2017 PNC Update

I am pleased to be here to bring a report from the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  Lewis Hudgins and Steve Covington have spoken before about the things that have gone on in the early phases of our search process.  They told you about the Ministry Information Form (MIF).  This document, prepared by our committee, contains such items as a description of the position to be filled and information about our church, our mission statement, and what we are looking for in a pastor.  As you may remember, this MIF, after being approved by the session and the Presbytery, was submitted to the Church Leadership Committee (CLC) for electronic matching with possible pastoral candidates.

Potential candidates have submitted Personal Information Forms (PIFs).  PIFs include detailed information about the candidates’ education and work experience, as well as their responses to questions that reflect their perspectives on their faith and an analysis of their skills, their strengths, even their weaknesses.

The PIFs on file with the CLC are then matched with our MIF, and where there is an indication of similarities of characteristics between a PIF and our MIF, the PIF is forwarded to our committee.  You might call the process a sort of E-Harmony.com between churches seeking a pastor and pastors seeking a church.

In addition to these forms, our committee has also received forms from individuals who are self-referring.  To date, our committee has received over 130 PIFs.  Additionally, we’ve received recommendations from other clergy and from members of our church.  All of the individuals who have been mentioned to us are included in the pool for our consideration.

We have spent the last several weeks reviewing candidates’ materials and have begun narrowing our focus to those individuals whom we feel best meet our criteria.  We will, however, still welcome any recommendations you might have and encourage anyone who has information to share with us to be in touch with a member of our committee—Ron Bogue, Sara Bryant, Steve Covington, Melinda DeMaria, Erika Hermanowitz, Lewis Hudgins, or me.  We also appreciate your continued prayers for our pastor search process and our committee.

Thank you,
Frances Lane

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