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Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Opportunities:

Everyone is invited to visit or join a Sunday School class any time. Please contact a class representative for more information.

Class NameTeacher(s)/Coordinator(s)Description
The Del Dunn Christian Issues Class Susan LandrumThe Del Dunn Christian Issues Class welcomes all who are interested in an in-depth study and discussion of Scripture. Currently, the class is conducting a chapter-by-chapter reading and discussion of Acts of the Apostles. Zoom classes are suspended after May 30, with Sunday morning classes resuming on September 12.
Inquirers Carla Buss,
Carl Bergmann, Larry Jones
Thoughtful introspection and lively group discussion covering contemporary issues and daily Christian living, with guest speakers and online videos. 

The Inquirers will not meet over the summer and plan to start back September 12.
Living on a PrayerFor more information, please e-mail Jennifer SunderlinLiving on a Prayer will start back September 12 and is in need of a leader.
New VoicesLewis HudginsRipped from the headlines - finding God through a non-partisan discussion of current events.

The beginning date for New Voices has been postponed until further notice.
Parents in the PITKim NessCongratulations, you survived this last 1.5 years! This new class is an invitation for parents of children and youth to come down to the PIT for a time of fellowship and support. Short devotional, A-Z spiritual practices, check ins, coffee and donuts! Starting on September 12.
W.D. HooperJerris Hayes,
Richard Lane
The "oldest" Sunday School class at First Pres will continue to focus on a Bible Study format. We welcome new members (even young ones!) to the historic but vital Hooper Bible Class!

W.D. Hooper will not meet over the summer and plan to start back September 12.
Wayne F. Middendorf Men's Bible ClassIan Hardin,
Jim Scanlon
The class features open and honest discussion in a nonjudgmentalatmosphere about various aspects of Christianity. Books for study thisfall: 'Wesley For Armchair Theologians', by William Abraham, and 'TheFirst Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus’ Birth', byMarcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan.

Wayne F. Middendorf Class will continue via Zoom over the summer, with in person starting back September 12.

Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Zoom ID: 845-1588-0743
PW: 503744
Women's Bible ClassWanda WilcoxReading and discussion of the Gospel of Mark, starting on September 12.

Some reasons to attend Sunday School as an Adult:

  • Increase your personal knowledge and understanding of scripture.
  • Learn from the teachings of the great religious scholars throughout the centuries
  • Learn how to transform your faith into action in your daily walk with God.
  • Find answers to the profound questions of God and life and their expectations of you.
  • Learn the traditions and beliefs of the Presbyterian Church.
  • Make new friends or develop older friendships while becoming a part of a supportive and loving community.

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