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Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Opportunities:

Everyone is invited to visit or join a Sunday School class any time. Sunday school is on summer break. Please contact a class representative for more information.

Class NameLocationTeacher(s)/Coordinator(s)Description
Christian Issues Room 308Tom Landrum,
Susan Landrum
Study of The Story - one continuing story of God and His people (NIV version). The Bible in chronological order, related as a story.
Inquirers Moses Waddel RoomCarla Buss,
Carl Bergmann
Thoughtful introspection and lively group discussion covering contemporary issues and daily Christian living, with guest speakers and online videos. 

Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Zoom ID 992-4907-8062
Living on a PrayerRoom 303For more information, please e-mail Jennifer SunderlinLOAP will be moving to a monthly online format, with class participant-led devotionals and conversation.
New VoicesRoom 310Lewis HudginsRipped from the headlines - finding
God through a non-partisan discussion
of current events.

Sunday 9:00 a.m., starting October 4

Zoom ID: 857-5757-2582
PW: 272040
W.D. HooperRoom 309Jerris Hayes,
Richard Stone
We will take a break for Fall, with plans to
resume in January studying Revelation.
Wayne F. Middendorf Men's Bible ClassBride's Room, Tinsley SternIan Hardin,
Jim Scanlon
Studying “The Church after Paul,”
using the book Heretics for the Armchair Theologian, by Justol Gonzalez.

Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Zoom ID: 845-1588-0743
PW: 503744
Women's Bible Room 301Wanda WilcoxStudy of Exodus in our verse-by-verse approach.

Sunday 11:00 a.m.

Zoom ID: 813-2290-3374
PW: 459718

Some reasons to attend Sunday School as an Adult:

  • Increase your personal knowledge and understanding of scripture.
  • Learn from the teachings of the great religious scholars throughout the centuries
  • Learn how to transform your faith into action in your daily walk with God.
  • Find answers to the profound questions of God and life and their expectations of you.
  • Learn the traditions and beliefs of the Presbyterian Church.
  • Make new friends or develop older friendships while becoming a part of a supportive and loving community.

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