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Keeping our Children Safe

First Pres Children’s Ministries NEEDS VOLUNTEERS– Providing a loving, healthy, and safe environment for our children is always our number one priority on Sunday mornings and at all church events and activities. To ensure this happy setting for our children as well as the continuation of strong Children’s Ministry programming, we NEED volunteer support. We ask that all parents volunteer a few times a year. Please volunteer here for Acolytes and Call to Worship Liturgists and here for the Nursery.

Volunteer Requirements- In order to work or volunteer with our children at First Presbyterian Church, all nursery staff members and volunteers must agree to and pass a background check, read the church’s Child and Youth Protection Policy, and complete an online course on Child Abuse. Our nursery staff is also required to have current CPR/First Aid certification. This is not a volunteer requirement, but certainly recommended. For more information on the background check process, check out the SecureVolunteer Implementation Guide. Please note: the FAQ at the background check link mentions a fee to your credit card but the church will over this cost.

Nut Free Food Policy – Due to the severity of food allergies and knowing that we have a handful of church members and Weekday School students who are allergic to nuts, our church has adopted a “Nut Free” Food policy. Please do not send any products to church containing nuts.

ILLNESS PREVENTION POLICY – For the protection of all children, parents are requested not to bring a child to church that appears to be ill.  Children and adults who have had ANY of (but not limited to) the following symptoms within the previous 24 hours are kindly asked not to enter the Baby Room, Nursery Playroom, Godly Play Rooms, or Children’s Ministry Suite Sunday School Rooms:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Croup
  • Inflamed throat or mouth
  • Thick or discolored drainage from the nose
  • Pink eye or other eye infections
  • Symptoms of childhood diseases (I.e., scarlet fever, mumps, chicken pox, or measles)
  • Skin infection (such as boils, ringworm, impetigo)
  • Head lice

Please note that this 24-hour period must be without the use of medication, no Tylenol, Motrin, etc. If your child has a new cold, please keep them at home and if your child takes Tamiflu or Relenza (flu symptom relief medication), the medication must be finished and then followed by a 24-hour period without symptoms before returning to the Baby Room, Nursery Playroom, Godly Play Rooms, or Children’s Ministry Suite Sunday School Rooms. If a child becomes ill while he or she is in our care, parents will be notified immediately and asked to pick up their child. Please know that we will comfort your child while they are waiting for you to arrive. Thank you for helping us ensure a healthy atmosphere for all our children.

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