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Sunday School Classes Pre Kindergarten – Grade 5


Sunday School for Pre-Kindergarten – Fifth Grade, 9:45 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.


The Sunday School year is mid-August through mid-May. As the Sunday School year begins, our Pre-Kindergartners “graduate” from the nursery and join our Kindergartners and older elementary-aged children in the Children’s Ministry Suite. To mark this special milestone, each child will receive their very own Spark Storybook Bible. Our Third Graders also receive a new “big kid” NRSV Spark Bible as they graduate from Children’s Church and remain in the sanctuary with their families for worship.


During the Sunday School hour, children in Pre-K and Kindergarten will read many stories together from their new Bibles as well as begin to learn about Godly Play, how we “do” Godly Play in Sunday School, and experience Godly Play core sacred Bible stories and liturgical lessons. Our First through Fifth Graders will also do Godly Play during Sunday school, experiencing more sacred stories and parables from the Bible and liturgical lessons. Please click here to learn more about Godly Play.

Our Sunday School Morning Routine will begin the same way for all children, Pre-K – 5th Grade. We will meet first all together in the Children’s Ministry Suite at 9:45 a.m. for Holy Moly and morning prayer. Holy Moly (a Sparkhouse curriculum) is a collection of fun and engaging animated Bible story videos. These short videos are a great way to draw the children in and to get them excited and eager to learn and hear more stories from the Bible. After Holy Moly and prayer, children will get ready for Godly Play. Pre Kindergarten – 3rd Grade will remain in the Children’s Ministry Suite for Godly Play and our 4th – 5th Graders will head to their Godly Play Room located on the second floor of the Tinsley-Stern Building across from the Church Library. There will be a handful of special Sunday mornings (Feast Sundays, Sundays during Advent and Lent) that we will remain all together (Pre-K – 5th Grade) in the Children’s Ministry Suite for the entire Sunday School hour, so be sure to check our Children’s Ministry Sunday Morning Message Board (chalkboard) when you arrive to Sunday School.

Every month we will have a Feast Sunday during Sunday School. This will be a time when all the children stay together for the entire Sunday School hour. The Feast is one of the main parts of Godly Play and it helps remind the children of the last feast Jesus shared with his Disciples and the importance of the “feast” we share in worship and our invitation to The Lord’s Table. We ask that all families choose one Feast Sunday to help provide fruit for our feast. The church will provide water to drink as well as a nut and gluten free snack to go along with the fruit. When it is your turn to provide fruit for our feast, please remember that you do not need to buy a lot of fruit. We just need enough for every child to have a light snack. The purpose of the feast is spiritual nourishment rather than “filling up our tummies” type of nourishment.


Children’s Ministry

Event Time
Godly Play Core TrainingFebruary 28 - March 2
Palm Sunday Procession with the DonkeyApril 14
Easter Egg Hunt and PicnicApril 20, 12:00 p.m.
Blessing of the 5th GradersMay 12