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Sunday School Classes Pre Kindergarten – Grade 5

Sunday School for Pre-K – 5th Grade, Children’s Ministry Suite, 9:45 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.

The Sunday School year resumes in mid-August and continues through mid-May. As the Sunday School year begins, our Pre-Kindergartners “graduate” from the nursery and join our Kindergartners and older elementary aged children in the Children’s Ministry Suite. To mark this special milestone, each child will receive their very own Spark Storybook Bible. Our Third Graders also receive a new “big kid” NRSV Spark Bible as they graduate from Children’s Church and remain in the sanctuary with their families for worship.


During the Sunday School hour, children in Pre-K and Kindergarten will read many stories together from their new Bibles as well as begin to learn about Godly Play, how we “do” Godly Play in Sunday School, and experience Godly Play core sacred Bible stories and liturgical lessons. Our First through Fifth Graders will also do Godly Play during Sunday school, experiencing more sacred stories and parables from the Bible and liturgical lessons. Please click here to learn more about Godly Play.