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Weekday School Objectives


  1. Grow in the understanding of God as Creator and of His love and care
  2. Develop Christian feelings and attitudes, which find expression in interpersonal relationships at school and at home
  3. Learn to respect all religious faiths

023 (533x800)Socially:

  1. Learn how to share, take turns, and adjust to a group
  2. Demonstrate respect and courtesy for others
  3. Develop happy friendships
  4. Listen to and appreciate others

018 (800x533)Emotionally:

  1. Develop a positive self concept
  2. Make a successful break from home to school
  3. Grow in ability to accept changes, opposition and defeat
  4. Build self-reliance
  5. Demonstrate ability to start and complete a task

Physically:Weekday school 1Weekday school 2

  1. Develop small muscles through art and other activities that
    improve hand/eye coordination
  2. Develop coordination and body rhythm through singing, games, movement to music and creative dynamics
  3. Learn good health habits and practice them

Intellectually:    051 (531x800)

  1. Develop necessary listening and oral skills
  2. Develop a love for books and stories
  3. Become aware of likeness and difference in sounds, figures, sizes, and shapes
  4. Establish pre-literacy left to right eye motion
  5. For older children, recognize letters,
    sounds, and numbers