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February Update

Youth Group This Month
February 3
Superbowl Watch Party
at Ness Home
February 8-10
Ski Trip to Winterplace
Ski Resort, WV
February 17
Preparing the ashes for Ash Wednesday
MS (4:30 – 5:30) and HS (6:15 – 8:00)
February 24
Game Night
MS (4:30 – 5:30) and HS (6:15 – 8:00)


Youth Sunday: February 3
This year’s Youth Sunday theme is, “Welcome to the Table.” You won’t want to miss it! We have four wonderful seniors signed up to deliver mini-messages. We have a sweet moment planned just for children. We have youth serving communion alongside their parents. We have a full reception planned including tasty homemade treats. It’s also Food Sunday and Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday, so please bring your saltines, canned peas, and extra change. And that’s just a few highlights. We can’t wait to welcome you to the table.

Every year after Youth Sunday I have members (and youth) come up to me and request that we do it more than once a year. What a great compliment for our youth. We have certainly talked about it, but then we look back at all that went into the service and wonder where we’d find the time. So that you might appreciate this special day even more, let me peel back the curtain on the planning stages:

At the start of the year, we begin to think about themes. Sometimes they are inspired by a summer mission trip or Montreat. This year, it was inspired by a song, “For Everyone Born.” We find a date that might work for most of our youth and within the church calendar. In the past, Youth Sunday has been at the end of the year, but we moved it forward to give our youth some breathing room away from April/May madness. At the start of January, we explored what the theme means and what youth wanted you to leave worship knowing, feeling, and being compelled to act upon. We then looked at the order of worship and why certain things go in certain places. Our youth love and appreciate our traditional worship services, and on Youth Sunday they want to find ways to honor tradition while also introducing new songs, new ways of hearing the message, and passing the peace. During all this, the Celebration Singers are hard at work with Dr. Coble, choosing the music and practicing the anthem. For youth who play instruments, Dr. Coble finds or writes pieces to incorporate their gifts into the service. In Confirmation Class, confirmands worked with their mentors to write the group statement of faith that will be used on Youth Sunday.

On the second Sunday in January, youth chose leadership roles and began the hard part of writing prayers, children’s messages, sermons, liturgies, and thinking about how to decorate to support the message. A huge thank you to Dr. Strickland, Melinda and Don DeMaria, Mary Havick, Nettie Jester, Kathryn Kent, and Jordan Osborne for meeting with smaller groups to help them understand their roles and find their words. Youth who did not complete their parts were given homework – hardest being the seniors who must find a way to incorporate stories, scripture, and emotions into their messages. On the last Sunday in January, we met for a full run-through of the service. We figured out where people would sit, when to come forward, how to speak into a microphone (clearly and slowly), what to do if you mess up, all the while, remembering that on Sunday, it needs to be all about God. We have done the hard work of preparing and now we must trust that the Holy Spirit will present, as is always the case!

New Youth Website
In September, we launched a new youth website! It was created using a free google site which most schools use for googleclassroom, so youth are familiar with the platform. With so much going on and details changing, it helps to have all of our information in one place. Youth are very familiar with google and ideally will access our site regularly. I update the site weekly if not more often with details about youth group, confirmation class, summer trips. There is also a page with pictures from our events. If you’re curious what’s going on with youth, I invite you to visit and bookmark the site.

Kim Ness, Director of Youth Ministries


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