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Youth Ministry News

December Update

Last month captured so much of what I love about youth ministry: youth are full of energy and committed to creating a better world for all!

On November 10, we held the 6th annual Frozen Chosen Cup. This “friendly” competition between area Presbyterian youth groups has become a favorite for all the churches involved. This year we mixed up teams with youth from FPC, Madison, Oconee, and Covenant coming together for capture theflag and 4-way tug-of-war!We also played Bible Charades and cheerleader rock-paper-scissors. In the end FPC did not bring home the Cup (well done Madison!), but we had a great time playing games, celebrating the connectional nature of PC(USA).

On November 17, you may have noticed two rows full of youth at the 11:00 a.m. worship. These 18 middle and high schoolers were participating in the 30 Hour Famine – Day of Service. With options to fast for 10, 20, or 30 hours, youth spent the day learning about hunger and global poverty while also helping to load and unload over 300 Thanksgiving bags at the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank. The theme this year asked “If there is enough for all, why don’t all have enough?” Our youth are not only aware of the injustices in this world, but they want to find a way to make a difference. From volunteering with ESP to starting a service club at their school to participating in mission trips, our youth are living out God’s call to seek justice, love kindness and to walk humbly. In the final hours of the fast, we went on a prayer walk, following the same path that the Holiday Parade will take later this month. It was a powerful end to our time together as we formed a circle at each stop to lift up others in prayer. May their huge hearts be an inspiration to us all as we find our own ways to share God’s love this holiday season.

Kim Ness, Director of Youth Ministries

Puerto Rico Mission Trip

One of our house rules is “be kind to others.” This can be something small, like cleaning up someone else’s dishes. It can also be something big – making yourself totally available to others in new ways. This summer, I’m humbled to be joining the FPC mission trip to Puerto Rico. Having never been on a mission trip, I’m not sure what to expect. Will the extreme nature of what we see upset me? Will the water taste bad there? Can we do something that matters? I don’t know. I am hopeful that our collective abilities will move the needle, even if it is just a slight change. One aspect of the trip that I’m particularly excited about is that I’m making it with my 14 year old daughter, Kate. I can’t wait to have fun with her and the new people we meet! – Holly MacMillan.


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February 9
Youth Sunday

February 14-17
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