…sharing the love of Christ with Athens and the world!

Youth Ministry’s Mission and Values

Our mission is to draw youth into a journey of faith, prepare them for lifelong discipleship, and inspire them to carry the love of Christ to Athens and the world.

LOVE: We show compassion, concern and care for others because we first have been loved by Christ.

WELCOME: We seek to live as a unique community of faith in which everyone feels welcome.

EXCITEMENT: We strive to create an environment that attracts youth and families, both members and non-members.

SPIRITUALLY GROUNDED: We base our programming on the foundation of a common faith in Jesus Christ.

LEADERSHIP: We affirm that all baptized believers are gifted by the Holy Spirit and are called to serve within the body of Christ.

GROWTH: We endeavor to be lifelong disciples, who continually grow in our faith.

MISSION: We express our faith in specific, tangible acts of service, particularly to those in need.

TRUST: We affirm an atmosphere of acceptance in which the expression of honest questions and minority opinions is valued.