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April 23, 2017 PNC Update

Presbyterians have a prescribed process for calling a Senior Pastor. Its time frame is designed to let the congregation grieve the departing pastor, engage the congregation and staff in discernment about the church and its future, hire a skilled Interim Senior Pastor to lead us in these discussions, and elect a Pastor Nominating Committee to manage the preparation process and the search. When all these activities happen properly, the process has a greater opportunity for the transitional time to be seamless. And thanks to all of you, to our excellent staff, and to Dr. Lancaster, it has been seamless so far, don’t you think?

We grieved the departing Pastor, we participated in a vigorous self-analysis with congregation and staff, we hired a skilled Interim Senior Pastor and we elected a Pastor Nominating Committee. The PNC has been trained, is meeting regularly, is conducting interviews with staff and Commission Chairs, and is listening to your thoughts and trying to answer your questions. We are also studying the history of our church building, its people, and its mission. We are doing this work, in part, to complete the important
Ministry Information Form. This document will form the basis of our search effort. The Pastor Nominating Committee is doing everything we can to present our church and congregation in a way that God’s call will be realized.We thank you for your prayers and support.

Thank you,
Lewis Hudgins, Chair, Pastor Nominating Committee

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