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Clicking on the “Member Login” takes you to Access ACS software which provides you access to your relevant member and Church information:

Personal information (you can also update this information)
Giving information: Current and History Dollars Given and Pledged (you can also Give)
Additional information: Church Calendar, Ways to serve activities you have signed up for, Groups you are in, and Events you are registered for
Others information: You can get a subset of personal information on other Church members. You can also get Church directories.
If you do not have login yet, click on need login link after you click on the Member Login and follow directions.

Clicking on Go Mobile will direct you to a site that outlines how to download the free app, Church Life, or you can search for the app and download Church Life directly on your smartphone. Church Life provides access from your smartphone to a subset of information in Access ACS: Personal and Giving information, others information and the Church Calendar.

Member Login »