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Ways to Serve

Dear Church Family,
If you have been in worship the last couple of weeks you have heard the theme, “Rooted and Reaching.” It conveys that our congregation is grounded (in the God revealed in Jesus Christ, in history and tradition, in the Bible, etc.) but also growing (in outreach, in membership, in new insights, in faith, etc.). We are stable but not stuck. We are open to change and new direction which we trust God will give us. “Rooted and Reaching” is an agricultural image and is reflected in many biblical texts including this verse: “Keep your roots deep in [Christ Jesus], build your lives on him, and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught. And be filled with thanksgiving.” Col. 2:7 (Good News Bible)

What makes a congregation’s roots and branches strong is, of course, the willingness of its members to participate – in worship, in service, in education, in fellowship. In a low-commitment world where it’s easier to be a spectator or a lurker than a participant, it says a lot that our church is rooted and reaching. To put down roots means committing yourself. To become stronger in faith means taking risks and making sacrifices. How is God inviting you to deepen your roots and stretch your branches?

Enclosed in the latest newsletter was a “Ways to Serve” form. You can also get a form by clicking here. Read it over and check the items which shimmer for you. They are the ones that the Spirit is drawing your attention to, like leaves rustling on a tree. Bring your completed form to church with you on Sunday, August 14. Turn it in beside the wrought iron tree in the Atrium on your way to the Fall Kickoff Brunch or worship. There you will be given a leaf. Write your name on the leaf and hang it on the tree. Extra forms, in addition to a children’s version, will be available.

I can’t wait to see the tree covered in leaves, bearing the names of everyone willing to go deeper and grow taller in faith!
Grace and peace,
Carol Strickland, Associate Pastor

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