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Who is Jesus?

It’s a good question! Half way through the gospel of Mark, Jesus asks his disciples, “What’s the word on the street? Who do people say that I am?” After their various answers, Jesus looks them in the eye and says, “Yes, but who do you say that I am?” It’s such a good question that the Presbyterian Women’s circles will be studying it this year. They will consider the question through the lenses of the four gospels, Paul, Hebrews, the non-canonical gospels, other Abrahamic faiths, and contemporary cultural interpretations. Please click here for information about PW circles (small groups) and mission.

Carol Strickland will give an overview of the study, Who Is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes, by Judy Yates Siker, to anyone who wishes to attend following worship on Sunday, August 7 at 11:05 in the Fellowship Hall breakout area.

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