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The Photography and Videography

The Photographer

You may select the photographer of your choice. Church policy does not permit the taking of pictures during the ceremony, with the exception of time exposures without flash from the balcony. Pictures can be taken in the Narthex prior to the ceremony and in the Sanctuary following the service.


Wedding services may be videotaped only under the following conditions:

  • Video equipment may be placed only in the balcony of the sanctuary. They may not be placed in the aisles or in the chancel. Video equipment in the parlour or the courtyard may be placed only in the back.
  • Microphones, if used, must be of the wireless type or built-in microphones on video equipment.
  • Only the available light may be used – no additional lighting will be permitted during the wedding service (including floods and flashes).
  • Permission to record the wedding must be arranged through the wedding coordinator at least one month prior to the service.



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