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October 21, 2018 PNC Update

We have two displays in the Church showing the Pastor Nominating Committee’s progress. If you passed one of those on your way in today you may have noticed that the arrow indicating progress has moved. It now indicates we have narrowed our search and are in serious consideration of a candidate. What that means is that we have had extensive conversations, have had background checks made through the Presbytery, are completing reference checks and have other due diligence efforts underway.

One of my friends who was raised Southern Baptist, as I was, wanted to know, “ Why does it take so long. You have all these people interested, so why not just pick one?”

To anyone who has served on a Pastor Search Committee knows, that’s tempting, isn’t it?

But, this is First Presbyterian Church of Athens, Georgia. This Church has had only 10 Senior Pastors in its almost 200 year history! If this trend continues, and we pray it does, our next Senior Pastor will have impact on generations of First Presbyterians and on this Community. Parents are trusting their children and families to us, we must be led to a Pastor who can take the mantel that has been founded and provide leadership for our growing congregation of young families, but also to all age groups.

We have traditions- in worship, in music, in missions and outreach, in pastoral care, in stewardship, in community leadership, in non- partisanship, in welcoming, in serving others- these traditions are important and the Senior Pastor must have an understanding of our traditions, but also the ability to provide leadership to explore fresh

ideas. Our Church is wonderfully unique and the next Senior Pastor must be a good fit for our uniqueness.

So, those are some of the reasons why it takes so long, but the profound reason is that we believe God is leading this search and we are committed to following God’s will.

We appreciate your prayers, interest and support as we continue our work during this important time in our process.

God Bless You.

Lewis Hudgins

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