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Daily Scripture Readings

Many years ago, a pastor colleague introduced me to a daily Scripture reading and journaling discipline called SOAP:
1. I follow the Life Journal daily bible reading plan, available on the YouVersion Bible app and in downloadable PDF form online. It takes me through the whole Bible in one year, with readings each day from both the Old and New Testaments.
2. As I read, I look for one verse or phrase that captures my attention and imagination.
3. Then I open my journal and write the letter S in the margin, and next to it I write the verse or phrase that spoke to me.
4. Next, I drop down a line and write the letter O, and I make an observation about the text. What was it that captured my attention? What argument or point is the text making?
5. Then I write the letter A for application. How does this apply to my life today? What do I need to start doing or stop doing in response to the Word that I have received?
6. Next, I write the letter P, and I write a prayer, asking God to guide me as I strive to apply what I have read and observed.
7. Finally, I go back to the page and enter the date and give the entry a title.

If you’d like to join me in this spiritual practice, find the daily readings here.

Ryan Baer, Senior Pastor

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