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Current Session

The session of First Presbyterian Church consists of our pastor, associate pastor, and the thirty (30) elders in active service.  As ten (10) members retire at the end of each year, ten (10) new members are elected.  Elders are representatives for the people of the church, active in various committees, and oversee all aspects of a church.  All members of the session are entitled to vote on issues presented to them.

Listed below is a complete listing of the session (the division or divisions they are participants of and their graduating class years).

ElderLast Year on SessionCommission
Sue Gray2018Congregational Care Commission
Mark Harrison2018Mission and Outreach Commission, Co-chair
Denise Horton2018Mission and Outreach Commission, Co-chair
Christine Register2018Education and Discipleship Commission
Arlene Shirley2018Congregational Care Commission
Harry Shuford, Jr.2018Congregational Care Commission, Chair
Richard Stone2018Administrative Commission
Joe Attaway2018Worship and Music Commission
David Cole2018Education and Discipleship Commission
Jason Doornbos2018Administrative Commission
Robbie Bryan2019Mission and Outreach Commission, Co-chair
Greta Terrell Covington2019Congregational Care Commission
DeeAnn Cox2019Fellowship and Evangelism Commission
Mary Havick2019Worship and Music Commission
Joe Hermanowicz2019Administrative Commission
Richard Lane2019Clerk of Session Commission
Mary Peace2019Education and Discipleship Commission, Chair
Lawton Stephens2019Fellowship and Evangelism Commission, Chair
Dan Trier2019Fellowship and Evangelism Commission
Carl Nichols2020 Administrative Commission, Chair
Sydney Jackson2020Administrative Commission
Meghan Bawcum2020Education and Discipleship Commission
Jeanne Nadinecek2020Fellowship and Evangelism Commission
Avery McLean2020Fellowship and Evangelism Commission
Jeff Bangle2020Congregational Care Commission
Judy Scanlon2020Congregational Care Commission
Tom Reigle2020Mission and Outreach Commission
Julie Hayes2020Mission and Outreach Commission, Chair, Weekday School
Bob Burtom2020 Worship and Music Commission, Chair
Bob Glasscock2020Worship and Music Commission

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